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Peter- 2011 052

little peter

It is now 4 years since we heard the words that Peter had cancer.  On March 11, 2009 Peter was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma, in his pelvis.  Peter had 14 rounds of chemo, 5 weeks of radiation treatments and had 1/4 of his pelvis removed.  Peter’s pelvis was replaced with cadaver bone and secured with a metal plate and screws.  To regain his mobility after surgery, Peter worked really hard.100_2037 Peter Children's photo shoot

Currently, Peter is 15 years old,  in high school and plays both basketball and soccer for his school teams.  Peter has the physical scars from his cancer, but our whole family carries the emotional scars.  We have learned from this experience to cherish every moment and not take anything for granted.  We are not promised tomorrow, so we must make the most of today.Peter Hoopla



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