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Nicole complained about knee pain off and on for about a month and I brushed it off as growing pains (as she had just turned 11). I finally brought her to the doctor where they did an Xray and we were asked to return for an MRI the next day. Within one week our world had turned upside down as Nicole was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of her left femur on 1/25/2012. She endured 10 weeks of chemotherapy and then had an allograft surgery in April 2012. Chemo continued and she had a thoracotomy in June to remove 6 spots on her lungs but those came back negative for cancer.


She ended up having an infection in the incision site on her leg and was on antibiotics (both intravenously and orally) and a second revision surgery was done on her leg (Aug) where they removed the necrosis and also removed and replaced some screws in the hardware. She again ended up with an infection on her leg and went on antibiotics (which she stayed on until December).


Her last chemo was October 2012 and her scans came back with no evidence of disease. Nicole and mom were finally able to move back home. Her scans in Jan 2013 showed that the allograft was not healing at the top of her femur and she again had another leg surgery where they took bone from her hip and grafted it into the donor bone and put in another screw for stability. She continues to do physical therapy and is currently walking with one crutch (she is able to walk without assistance for short distances). We await her 6mo scans with much anticipation (4/16/13) and pray that she is still free of cancer.


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